Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi guys! this is the JUNE challenge!, you are going to be doing this EVERYDAY. 
This DOES NOT replace your daily workout. This is just an EXTRA CHALLENGE that I want you guys to add to your daily routine for JUNE!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

NTC: Pro running stretches

Hi guys! Some of you have been asking me to post some stretching routines! so I found one routine on the NTC app and I decided to post it for you! So all the credits go to NTC. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Photo a Day Challenge!

Hi guys! a lot of you have been asking me for the February Photo a day Challenge! so here it is! 
I hope you guys like it!! 
Also join my February extra challenge! Click here to see more about it 
REMEMBER TO USE HASHTAG "FBFEB" So I can see your pictures!! ;) 

Friday, January 25, 2013

February Challenge is here!!

Hi guys! Here it is! The new February challenge! I read all your comments so for feb we are going to challenge our abs, arms & butt! So first thing you need to know is that this challenge DOES NOT replace your daily workout!. Ok so to this challenge I added one of my favorite exercise for abs that targets basically all the abdominal area! you're gonna love it! its called "BUTT-UPS" if you don't know how to do this exercise don't worry! I will upload an example!
 Please share this so more people can join! I hope you guys like it :) and have fun with it :) add this to your workouts for an extra challenge! ;)
save this photo so you remember the prompts :) 

Here's the example of butt - ups! remember that this targets your WHOLE abdominal area! you're gonna love it! this one is a KILLEEEEEERR! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update... 7DSD

Hi guys this is a really random post haha but I just wanted to say that today I started the 7 Day Slim Down by Tone It Up! and so far it's been amazing! 
If you would like to see what this is about then click here :) <3 love these girls

Homemade apple juice!

Hi fit family! I know I haven't update the blog in a while! but I didn't have time :( BUT now I have a LOT of time so here's a little tutorial for you all :) 
ps: I did take pictures of this tutorial but they look horrible so NOPE! I'm not going to upload them haha

how to make your own apple juice..!

you don't need a fancy juice extractor! It is really simple and easy and you will love it! cause it tastes amazing and all natural! 

~ You will need:
As many apples as you want! (you will need apples that are sweet!) 

Wash the apples and chop them! 
Note: don't peel the apples! 

STEP 2: 
Cook the apples in a pot  with about 4 inches of water and the heat on high and then when it gets really going turn it to medium high until apples are all soft. (it takes probably 10 minutes! sorry I didn't count the time!)

STEP 3: 
Sieve the cooked apples. Separate the liquid from the pulp, stems, skins, seeds etc.


it's done! enjoy :) 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Foods that you CAN eat

If you're goal is to lose weight then here's the list of all the foods that you can eat :) 

  1. All whole grain or unprocessed foods
  2. Any fruits or vegetables 
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Steel-Cut Oats
  5. Wheat breads
  6. Quinoa
  7. Artichokes
  8. Asparagus
  9. Arugula
  10. Green beans
  11. String beans
  12. Beets
  13. Broccoli
  14. Brussels sprouts
  15. Cabbage
  16. Carrots
  17. Cauliflower
  18. Celeriac
  19. Celery
  20. Chervil
  21. Chicory
  22. Chives
  23. Collard Greens
  24. Cucumbers
  25. Squash
  26. Tomato
  27. Cucumbers
  28. Dandelion greens
  29. Dill pickles
  30. Eggplant
  31. Endive
  32. Garlic
  33. Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)
  34. Grapefruit
  35. Kale
  36. Kidney Beans
  37. Kohlrabi
  38. Leeks
  39. Lettuce
  40. Mushrooms
  41. Onions
  42. Parsley leaves
  43. Pinto Beans
  44. Turnips
  45. Peas
  46. Peppers (green/red)
  47. Pickles (sour/sweet)
  48. Pumpkin
  49. Radishes
  50. Rappini
  51. Rhubarb
  52. Rutabagas
  53. Sauerkraut
  54. Salsify
  55. Scallions
  56. Shallots
  57. Sorrel
  58. Soybeans
  59. Spinach
  60. Tomatoes
  61. Spirulina
  62. Swiss Chard
  63. Yams
  64. Sweet Potatoes
  65. Zucchini
  66. Apples 
  67. Apricots
  68. Asian Pears
  69. Bananas
  70. Blackberries
  71. Blackcurrants
  72. Blueberries
  73. Cantaloupe
  74. Cherry
  75. Cranberries
  76. Currants
  77. Goji Berries
  78. Grapes
  79. Honeydew melon
  80. Huckleberries
  81. Kiwi
  82. Kumquats
  83. Lemon
  84. Limes
  85. Loganberries
  86. Mangoes
  87. Melon
  88. Muskmelons
  89. Navy beans
  90. Nectarines
  91. Papaya
  92. Plums
  93. Pomegranates
  94. Oranges
  95. Peach
  96. Pear
  97. Plum
  98. Avocado
  99. Raspberries
  100. Spaghetti Squash
  101. Strawberries
  102. Quince
  103. Tangerines
  104. Protein Bars
  105. Whey Protein Shakes
  106. Casein Protein shakes
  107. Egg Protein shakes
  108. Soy Protein Shakes & Soy Protein Bars
  109. Hemp Protein Shakes 
  110. Blended Protein shakes
  111. Chicken - Lean Chicken breast (skinless)
  112. Turkey - Deli Turkey breast / Skinless Turkey breast
  113. Egg whites / Egg beaters
  114. Eggs
  115. Tuna
  116. Sardines
  117. Salmon
  118. Tilapia
  119. Unsalted Cashews
  120. Unsalted peanuts
  121. Raw Almonds
  122. Hazelnuts
  123. Pecans
  124. Walnuts
  125. Macadamia Nuts
  126. Pistachio nuts
  127. Pumpkin seeds
  128. Chia seeds
  129. Hummus
  130. Natural peanut butter
  131. Natural cashew butter
  132. Natural almond butter
  133. Tofu & Soy products