Friday, January 25, 2013

February Challenge is here!!

Hi guys! Here it is! The new February challenge! I read all your comments so for feb we are going to challenge our abs, arms & butt! So first thing you need to know is that this challenge DOES NOT replace your daily workout!. Ok so to this challenge I added one of my favorite exercise for abs that targets basically all the abdominal area! you're gonna love it! its called "BUTT-UPS" if you don't know how to do this exercise don't worry! I will upload an example!
 Please share this so more people can join! I hope you guys like it :) and have fun with it :) add this to your workouts for an extra challenge! ;)
save this photo so you remember the prompts :) 

Here's the example of butt - ups! remember that this targets your WHOLE abdominal area! you're gonna love it! this one is a KILLEEEEEERR! 


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